About Us

Our Mission

Ogeechee Audubon’s mission is to educate adults and children about birds, wildlife and the environment. We provide opportunities to enjoy the world around us, and advocate for responsible public policy and legislation for the conservation of our natural resources.

Ogeechee Audubon is a chapter of the National Audubon Society (NAS). Members of National Audubon who live in general proximity to Savannah GA are automatically assigned to our chapter and receive our bi-monthly newsletter, The Marshlander. We also offer Chapter Memberships to those who are not members of National Audubon as well as to NAS members who wish to provide additional support to their local chapter. A Chapter Membership application can be found on the second page of our newsletter.

Ogeechee Audubon invites the public to attend its meetings, which are held at First Presbyterian Church on Washington Avenue at 7:00PM on the third Tuesday of February, April, June, September, October and December. Each meeting features a guest speaker addressing some aspect of birding or nature, usually with an accompanying slide show. There is no admission fee to attend a meeting